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Eastern New South Wales, 1978, reported December 11 2009

Eastern New South Wales, 1978, reported December 11 2009

Whilst travelling between Armidale and Coffs Harbour via Ebor and Dorrigo across the Great Dividing Range in Eastern N.S.W, at approximately 0130 hrs in the morning in late winter 1978 on a clear night, I sighted an object glowing in colour (goldish). This seemed to cross my viewing range approximately 2 miles ahead of me in the shape of an oval (but a brick thrown looks like a oval from a distance) from the top left hand side of my windscreen to the bottom of the right hand side, going out of sight behind hills, the glow remaining for a bit longer. I travelled on to Dorrigo and slept outside the local Police Station.

Travelling on to Coffs Harbour and relaying my story to a family member (my father ) I was told I was nuts. A friend of the family was listening to the conversation and disagreed with my father, and then informed us of a sighting that he and several members of his family (12-15 people) had seen a few months earlier whilst attending a wedding along the Coast. A silver object some way out to sea between the ocean and some clouds. They re-entered the function centre and informed the Manager, who returned with them and sighted the object and then went back into the Office to get a camera, The object disappeared just before he returned. This occurrence and the story relayed to me has stayed with me all these years. I’ve told it many a time, some believing and some not.


Eastern Avenue, Dover Heights, New South Wales, Australia


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