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East Maitland, Lower Hunter Valley [NSW], August 13 2004, 7:10pm

East Maitland, Lower Hunter Valley [NSW], August 13 2004, 7:10pm

I was driving up a suburban road at 7:10PM on the 13/08/2004 on my way to work when an extremely large bright orange object appeared in the sky in what I’d estimate to be around 500 metres above me. I was in the process of saying to my brother ‘hey look, a shooting star’, however I cut myself short when the object slowed up to almost a complete halt over houses no more than 300 metres up the road. Then in an instant, a literal blink of the eye, it vanished right in front of me. Now I have seen shooting stars and I’ve seen planes in the sky at night and there is no way on earth this was anything like that.

Now this is where it gets even more interesting and this next part convinced me it was a UFO. I reached the carpark at my work, which is only a further 200 metres from the group of houses where I saw the object vanish above. I got out of my car and headed for the rear entry to my work and as I glanced up at the sky, to my shock, the exact same object was moving through the sky above. This time I was stationary and got a really good look. It was low enough that I could see the huge fire trail that the object was emitting out the rear. It was going at the same kind of speed it was going when I first saw it 5 minutes earlier. Then again, as per the first sighting, it slowed to an almost complete halt over a retirement village across the road, and then in a flash it disappeared right in front of me. Now not even my family will believe me, and whilst I’m sure friends will enjoy the story I know they won’t believe me. However I swear I’ve not seen anything like it in my whole life and every detail I’ve said is the truth. My amazement at what I saw made me search for any recent sightings in my area that people may have reported. This lead me to your web site and I read one of the reports that sounded very similar to my own. Hope this is interesting to you cause its something I won’t ever forget.


East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia


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