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East Ipswich, April 22 1998, 6.30pm

East Ipswich, April 22 1998, 6.30pm

A committee member of our Ipswich Division was alerted by a flash of light and saw a green/blue object with a bright yellow tail to the North at an elevation of about 45 degrees. It was seen for about 1.5 seconds and had a distinctly downward curving trajectory. It moved across about 6 degrees of sky while under observation, and its tail subtended about 5 degrees, becoming a series of dots as it ended. The general path of the object was along a steep incline. [Reporter’s Note: If this were a meteorite seen at a distance of some tens of km, moving at a speed of say 5 km/s, the effect of gravity could not produce a noticeable curvature of its trajectory. Its effect is at least hundred times smaller than what was observed.]


East Street, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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