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Eagleby, Qld, 9 July 2010, 7.30pm

Eagleby, Qld, 9 July 2010, 7.30pm

I saw a bright light in the direction of the west at approximately 7.30pm -7.35pm. The sky was clear of clouds and the stars appeared visible to the naked eye. The light we noticed was 10 times brighter than any other stars in the sky. The light stayed constant and shining. It did not move — it was in a stationary position. The light was golden white and almost diamond shaped — when the light dispersed it shone outward but did not illuminate further beyond the light itself. The light appeared far out in the sky and did not appear like an airplane light. It was stable and did not have any other lights that would lead you to believe it was an aircraft.

The light stayed in the same place for approximately 10 – 15 minutes, to around 7.50pm where we re-entered the house. We went back outside again at approximately 815pm and the light was no longer in the sky. Is this just the atmosphere impacting on starlight on the horizon making it appear brighter? Or was this a UFO?


Eagleby, Queensland, Australia


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