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Dromana, Victoria, Saturday December 10 2005, evening

Dromana, Victoria, Saturday December 10 2005, evening

I was outside having a smoke when I noticed a light, quite low for commercial traffic, silent, and travelling very fast and in an unusual direction [west to east]. As it went over my head, the light increased in brightness so as to be the brightest object in its surrounding area, It was close to the constellation of Orion, and then almost immediately disappeared. It was if it was never there. It seemed low as the light was very bright. There also appeared to be a red light, constant not flashing, to the back port side of it, All the time it was silent and faster than a satellite travels, and when it seemed to disappear it faded, as if it went up. This experience has freaked me a bit, and also my cats, They started running around in circles and generally acting very freaky, I’m going to bed now, I haven’t been drinking but I wish I had as every noise is spinning me out!


Dromana, Victoria, Australia


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