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Disc shape with square back end just under half a football field size.

Disc shape with square back end just under half a football field size.

Have seen several times and other people have seen it. Its been around this area for about 18 years and seen at night and daylight. Disc front square back no noise, no emissions, fumes etc. Can hover or go slow or just angle up and disappear in 1-2 seconds. It is the size of just under half a football field. Last sighting about 300m away in middle of day and had weird symbols up the side it lasted about 5 minutes and nothing like you have ever seen before. it came down to tree line height for a couple of minutes. Didn’t have phone as we were mustering cattle in a no phone service area which is most of this area. Area was Chinchilla (Cameby area). We back onto state forestry which is largest in southern Hemisphere and no one around for many km’s just scrubland This thing is seen a couple of times a year and about 30-40 odd people over the years have seen it and creeps everyone out and pretty tuff people out here in the bush.

We call it as we see it but most don’t want to sound like they are losing their minds so they say nothing. Our families have been here nearly 100 years and hardened but its time someone done something but who do you ask. Local cops don’t want anything to do with it. Our cattle over last few years, tend to look up a lot and some times are just plain spooked by something, and we go around stock everyday even though property about 11km long. We have spent years alone working in isolated country and seen a lot of things that would creep normal people out, however we can handle those things. But this thing, its the real deal and seen in the middle of the day. Creeps the crap out of you, but this is the first time we are getting nervous even in daylight. I’ve been around large mining gear, helicopters, planes all my life but there is nothing on this planet that does what this does and we have people we know in NASA in America. So whether you believe or not doesn’t matter issue is this thing is still getting around out here and we have had enough of seeing it. You are welcome to visit where it is seen in several places and where it goes. Wouldn’t stay out at night though. If someone does visit, there better be more than one person for safety.




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