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Delaney’s Creek, December 16 2004 [reported June 2005]

Delaney’s Creek, December 16 2004 [reported June 2005]

Recently I read a lady from Kenilworth reported her sighting of a green ring she had seen glow as it appeared to hit a hill. Well this made me feel guilty for not reporting my sighting earlier.

On 16-12-2004 I was outside looking at stars with my child and her friend at approximately 9.12pm. As they decided to go inside, my focus changed. As I looked over at the range behind me [west], I saw what looked like a huge green meteorite about to crash into the hills. It had the appearance of a green ball with a huge green flare/haze around it and just as it looked like it was going to smack into the range a huge green explosion flared out from there. There was no noise at all and was all over in seconds, just deadly silence, and amazement from me. I just stood there in shock with my gob open, then ran around like a headless chook, tried to phone friends but no-one was home. I decided to drive to a high position to see if I could see more but unfortunately couldn’t see anything else.

The following week I had to visit a shop and luckily I mentioned my sighting because the people in the shop burst out with excitement as I was telling them, and more or less finished what I was saying. They told me how they had seen it on their way home the Thursday night. It is good to have confirmation that other people had seen it too.


Delaneys Creek, Queensland, Australia


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