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December 31 2000, reported March 2012, location unknown

December 31 2000, reported March 2012, location unknown

I have recollections of about 14 years worth of UFO sightings, which ended roughly five years ago. They were occurring that frequently, about two to three times a week, that I and my wife became quite used to them, even having the opportunity to point them out to BBQ guests every now and then. We never bothered making specific notes about times and dates and so on, because they were so frequent.

One of them, I’m guessing about ten or twelve years ago, was actually as creepy as it was spectacular, and provided about twenty minutes of entertainment for about ten of us at a New Years Party across the road from us. We’d been there about half an hour and a mate pointed roughly north north-west at two big orangey/red things and yelled to me, “hey, there’s ya UFO’s”. Everyone there laughed, me included, because the direction we were looking was into the flight path for jets coming into Brisbane, so we initially jumped to the conclusion that they were in fact jets. Then it dawned on us that they weren’t moving. It was raining very heavily too, and there were no beams coming from the lights like you’d expect, and like we have observed from approaching jets in the past, even when it’s not raining.

We all watched these things for about twenty minutes, going through various theories about what they might be. The only movement we saw was from the one on the right which slowly moved down a small distance before stopping. The next morning I was going over the whole thing in my head, still perplexed and a little disturbed when it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember how the whole thing ended. I remembered we watched these things for about twenty minutes. I remembered we left the party at about 11.15pm. I hadn’t a lot to drink and neither had anyone else, but I just couldn’t remember how it ended. I asked my wife, who doesn’t drink at all. She got a funny look on her face and said that she couldn’t remember how it ended either. I thought that was a bit strange so I went back across the road and asked the mate who’d had the party. He couldn’t remember either. I ended up asking everyone who was there, and not one could remember how that ended. I still get a creepy feeling every time I think of that.

The next most spectacular occurrence I saw was one of these things which came from the east. It moved slowly west toward our place (I was out the back having a cigarette), and slowed almost to a stop above the old air field at the end of our street. I was looking up at it at about a 45 degree angle. It turned right and went the wrong way up the flight path that goes over our house. I had a ‘mag light’ with me and whilst the object was making its very slow turn, which was not an arc, but a right angle, I contemplated flashing it at the thing. I suddenly got the creepy feeling that what ever I was looking at was looking at me too, so I thought better of it.


Unknown Location


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