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Damascus, Qld, 2000, reported May, 2011

Damascus, Qld, 2000, reported May, 2011

It was early September 2000 at about 9.00am. The weather was fine and clear and I was driving south on the Bruce Highway, Damascus (north of Gin Gin Qld) with my wife in our Camry Sedan. We had been on the road for nearly two hours during an otherwise uneventful trip and we were 2.5km north of the Damascus Road turnoff. I know the exact spot on the road as I’ve driven through there numerous times and it appears on Google Maps around 34936 Bruce Highway. The road verge falls away to a gully on the eastern side, and the western side of the road has a two-metre high cutting. Both sides of the road are flanked by open bush.

My wife had earlier reclined her seat to nod off for awhile so she was half asleep listening to music. I remember there were two cars ahead of me equally spaced about 50m each as we all travelled at 100km/h.

Suddenly, what I can only describe as a spinning chrome metal sphere, about the size of netball, leapt from the gulley to my left then across the road just in front of me. It bounded three times on the road from left to right, hit the top of the western side cutting wall and flew into gum trees disappearing from view. Each bound on the road was about three metres long, but the last bound into the gum trees was the largest, being a leap of about 15 metres. Its trajectory was close to an ‘8am -2pm’ straight line from my left to right. We were travelling at 100km/h but this orb was travelling faster than us by the time it flew into the bush.

In my shock and disbelief at what I saw and was trying to comprehend, I half braked to stop (even though there was no danger of collision) and yelled ‘did you see that!’ to my wife, who rose quickly to see nothing. My immediate instinct and training was to pull over and pursue this object on foot, but fought this urge off as my reality was we were miles from anywhere and I could not pigeonhole what the object was or what it was potentially capable of doing to me, given what I had just seen. It was basically an ‘unknown threat’. All this flew through my head in microseconds, even a vision of my wife waiting by our car for hours with no idea why I had stopped the car and sprinted into the bush without explanation, never to return. So we did not stop and drove on. As I did I desperately tried to compare it to anything on this earth it could realistically have been, but failed.

At our destination a few hours later I described it to my father-in law. It was about six metres from the front of our car when closest and was in sight for a few seconds, but I got a pretty clear view. I could tell the sphere was spinning in the same direction it was travelling as there was a break somewhere on the shiny metallic surface. As soon as I saw the sphere it looked perfectly chromed, but as it left my sight to the right and sped up over the cutting, it had a more ribbed look about its surface. Possibly this was caused by reflections from the gum trees it was approaching. There was nothing animate about it — no legs, no eyes, no projections, and no living thing could move in the manner this orb did. It did not make a sound but moved gracefully and appeared to move with effortless acceleration. It did not baulk at the approach of our vehicle, but moved in a perfectly straight line as if it knew where it was going with purpose. It could not have been fired as a projectile as it would have slowed when colliding with the cutting wall and deflected from its course. Neither happened, and it in fact accelerated from the cutting wall which led me to conclude it was travelling under its own power source.

I’ve been working as a police officer for years and the subject of UFOs is not a subject easily broached with workmates for obvious reasons, nor something I’d treat flippantly if taken into someone’s confidence on a similar matter, whether professionally or not. I’ve spoken about this incident with only some family members and close friends, not freely discussing it to avoid a reputation for ‘looing it’, full of s**t, or just plain attention seeking.

There was a more recent event gaining wide media exposure on 19 June 2009 north of Gin Gin in the Monduran area concerning an explosion on the mountain and ensuing bushfire. This caught my interest at the time and reminded me of my personal incident and its possible relevance, however I had no idea where this event occurred. Just tonight I was looking at the Phantoms & Monsters website which lists the 2009 event and shows a map circling the area where the explosion is alleged to have occurred. To my surprise the trajectory of the sphere object crossing my path originates directly from the area of Monduran State Forest 2 where this explosion occurred, and is only about 5km away. (A hop, skip and a jump away for a spinning metallic sphere at over 100km/h!)

If my experience is a coincidence in relation to the proximity to the 2009 event so be it, but I thought if there is a chance my story is another piece in a puzzle of whatever larger picture is coming together then I wanted to share this info with your organisation in case it is of some relevance and benefit.


Damascus, Queensland, Australia


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