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Dalby, Wednesday October 15 2002, 7.30pm

Dalby, Wednesday October 15 2002, 7.30pm

A woman reported seeing a white shiny light travelling east to west. When she first observed it, it was low near the horizon. She only saw it for 2 seconds before it disappeared in a flash like “warp drive” on Star Trek. She stated that it would have passed over the range as she observed it from Dalby looking towards Toowoomba. It covered lot of sky. This was not her first sighting. A few years ago she saw a red light in the back yard of her home. It was an inverted triangular shape grey object like a pyramid. It was large enough to block out the house behind it and as it did so it hovered about 3 feet from the ground and about 6 feet away from her. She raced inside to get her husband who returned with her to see the object. She described her dogs as going “mental”. The whole experience unnerved her and she didn’t go out after this for quite some time.


Dalby, Queensland, Australia


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