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Dalby, May 5, 2011

Dalby, May 5, 2011

On Thursday May 5th 2011, my wife and I were travelling back to Tieri after I had a hernia operation at Ipswich Hospital. We decided to come back via Toowoomba, Dalby and Roma, as it was the shortest route and we could do it in one day. We left our motel in Ipswich at 4.45am on May 5th. The weather was very foggy past Toowoomba, but cleared up by the time we arrived in Dalby. Having passed through Dalby, we were travelling along the main road towards Roma, about half way there from Dalby. The countryside was heavily wooded with mainly tall gum trees, both sides of the road. Suddenly an object appeared 500 metres ahead and about the same height above us. It moved across the road from our left to right side. It was about the same size, and was moving at about the same height and speed, of a passenger airliner landing. It wasn’t visible for more than possibly a minute, due to the visual restrictions caused by the trees. It was a beautiful blue-green shiny colour, with a small whitish vapour trail behind it.

We were both shocked and couldn’t believe our eyes. I said to my wife, ‘did you see that, what was it?’ she said ‘yes, I don’t know what it was.’

Later on past Roma, where we had stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, we sighted some camels on out left side, not far from the road. We stopped, as did another traveller, to take some pictures of them. We talked, and I remarked that this was not the only amazing thing we had seen that morning. The lady was travelling from Melbourne after recuperation from an operation, and heading home to Townsville. The lady described the same object as we had seen. Unfortunately we didn’t think to get her name or contact details to verify this. Meteorite or alien craft we don’t know, but either way it was surely a great find and it seems nobody else saw the object. We will probably never know what it was, but I will never forget that day. I am glad that I didn’t see the object by myself as nobody would have believed me!


Dalby, Queensland, Australia


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