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Dajarra, Friday July 12 2002, 7.45pm-4.00am

Dajarra, Friday July 12 2002, 7.45pm-4.00am

A man reported he has been witnessing lights in the sky every night since the 27th June. The lights are usually seen from 7.45pm on and off through to 4.00am. They can be seen singly or in groups of up to six. They often come down from the sky to just above tree height then travel horizontally along the countryside seeming to be looking for something. At times he has seen a beam of light directed toward the ground shining on the trees. He described them as being like a disco ball with the top half being white and the lower half reflecting red, blue and orange lights that are flickering on and off while spinning around the objects. He described them as being too bulky to be planes and emitted no noise. Sometimes he would see them hovering above the ground and flashing to each other. He has attempted to radio the security guards at the mine to alert them to the objects close proximity but each time he has attempted to do this the lights will become dull as though not wanting to be seen. There have been reports of cattle on a nearby property being spooked by the lights to the point of pushing down fences.


Dajarra, Queensland, Australia


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