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Daisy Hill, Sunday September 2 2001, 11.35am

Daisy Hill, Sunday September 2 2001, 11.35am

While driving along the freeway a man was looking west when he saw a shooting star. It appeared aluminium in colour and approximately 10kms away. It was at an elevation of 30 degrees and was falling and slowing down as if it were out of balance. It appeared to be the size of a plate and was electric blue in colour. He observed it for 2 seconds.

He also had a sighting two years ago when he was outside at 2.15am and saw car container floating through the sky. He got 37 people outside to see it too. It was like a red ember with five red jets on it’s end and sped up when the embers came on. He observed it for 6 ½ minutes and others saw it too. It seemed to be 800 to 900 metres away and 100 to 200 feet high.


Daisy Hill, Queensland, Australia


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