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Currumbin Creek, 1 February 2012, dusk

Currumbin Creek, 1 February 2012, dusk

As I was pulling into the Currumbin Creek car park I noticed a bright light that wasn’t a plane. I thought maybe it was a helicopter. I lost sight of it for a few seconds, and when it was back in sight it didn’t really look like a helicopter anymore. I parked the car as quick as I could, jumped out and as I was grabbing my phone (camera) from my pocket, the light winked out but the object was still visible. It appeared around 1/3 the size of a full moon, and at a guess around 500 metres away, no more than 100m off the ground. It was roughly 100 metres off the beach around the 3rd Ave area (Palm Beach). At first it was slowly drifting east, then back west (only slightly, a few metres or so), then started heading off towards the NNW, before I lost sight of it. The wind was around 25kts SSW, so it was quite windy. It also means it was moving nearly 90 degrees to the wind direction. The light was initially yellowish, but was more orange as it went out. Could quite possibly have been a lantern, but it would have been a big one, as it took a while to lose sight of it. After the light went out it appeared as a dark silhouette, roundish in shape. The whole episode lasted about 45 seconds, from first seeing the light, until I lost sight of the silhouette.

I took a few photos anyway, hoping something would turn up. There is something in the two photos that has changed position, and is about the right size. It appears brownish in the photos. In the first it’s slightly to the left of the orange light in the middle of the pic, in the second it’s a little higher, just to the right.


Currumbin Creek, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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