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Curramore (Sunshine Coast), May 27 2008, 10.00pm

Curramore (Sunshine Coast), May 27 2008, 10.00pm

On Tuesday night between 10.00pm and 11.00pm my son saw a strange creature spotlighted in his car headlights. We realise that this sounds rather unbelievable, and he says that perhaps we should say nothing as he doesn’t want anyone thinking he is ‘mad’, but I think we should mention it as it seems almost like an alien encounter to me, and we wondered if anyone has ever seen anything similar.

My son, who is twenty three years old, was driving his ‘ute to his girlfriend’s house on Tuesday 27th May between 10.00pm and 11.00pm. She lives on a farm, so it is a rural area, and a country road. It was in Curramore, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Before he arrived at her driveway, he had the feeling that he should keep driving past her house and further up the road, so he followed his intuition and did so, wondering why he had such a strong feeling about it. The road eventually forms a V, and as he drove towards that his ute went over a rise in the road and suddenly spotlighted a creature standing in the middle of the fork where the road branched into two. He said that it was not an animal, and not like a person exactly. He said that it was about about 4.5 feet tall and had extremely thin arms, legs and trunk. He said the waist was tiny, and that the head was much larger than a human head. He also said that it was completely black as if it were naked with jet black skin, or perhaps wearing a close fitting black outfit. He said that it seemed startled by being caught in his lights, and stood still for a second staring at him, and then just suddenly disappeared. Strange, I know, but he says that there is no doubt that he saw it. He also said that when he turned his car at the V, that there was no sign of anything or anyone there.

When he drove to his girlfriend’s house, her father wondered why he had driven past their driveway, but he didn’t mention what he had seen to him in case he thought he was crazy. However, he said that when he parked the car, a bright light suddenly shot across in front of his face, dazzling him for a second, and he doesn’t know what that was either. Anyway, make of that what you will, but my son has no doubts that he saw what he saw.


Curramore, Queensland, Australia


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