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Cunninghams Gap [QLD] 1990 [reported March 2007]

Cunninghams Gap [QLD] 1990 [reported March 2007]

I am curious to learn more about an unusual object I saw whilst driving back to Sydney from Brisbane with my husband many years ago. Sadly I cannot recall the exact year or date but I believe it would have been somewhere around 1990. We were driving through Cunninghams Gap at approximately 1.00am in the morning when we saw what appeared to be a mass of lights [orange and white] and they appeared have a large cylinder shape object behind them. The road was windy and my husband was driving so he did not get a very good view of it. I watched it for approximately 20 seconds and then my husband pulled the car over to the side of the road. We wound down our windows to get a better look and the object continued to hover for a while and then it moved away. It then changed direction and sped off. It was completely silent. My initial reaction was that it had to be some sort of aircraft but I was amazed by its apparent size and that it was silent and had the ability to change direction so fast. We continued to drive home to Sydney and at each petrol station that we pulled into we were asked if we had seen the UFO. I remember someone else commenting that they had seen it change direction. There was also an article published about the sightings in a Sydney newspaper shortly after this. I wish I could remember the exact year and date but I cannot. I know it would have been somewhere around 1990 and I imagine it would have been in April/May as that is when we took our annual holidays.


Cunninghams Gap, Tarome, Queensland, Australia


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