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Crestmead, June 13 2004, 7.00pm

Crestmead, June 13 2004, 7.00pm

Last night, June 13 2004 at around 7.00pm I noticed a large orange ball of fire rising in the sky, directly above a street light. It appeared to be around one street away. I walked to the back door to get a closer look and the object rose steadily. As I walked out of the back door it disappeared without a trace. There were no sounds at all. My wife also witnessed it. I witnessed a similar sighting about 17 years ago when I was about 14. This time it was at Archerfield and was much closer, only around 25 metres above me. Both times the light has appeared from nowhere, has been silent and disappeared instantly. That time my parents were with me along with many people at the speedway. The racing was stopped for a little while and we were told it had been an F111 flyover. However there had been no notification of a flyover before the event and the racing didn’t stop until after the object appeared. I have seen many F111 flyovers since then and none have been similar.


Crestmead, Queensland, Australia


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