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Coomera, 24 February 2009,

Coomera, 24 February 2009,

On February 24 my 9-year old son and 12-year old son saw an object flying way up high. Although I do wear eye glasses it was still clear enough for me to see. It was star like in appearance, travelling as though it was coming from Gold Coast airport way but very unusually high. No flashing lights, just a round light, but way up high. It moved fast considering the distance we were watching it from. I have seen many shooting stars and planes etc and this was no ordinary craft. The unusual part of this experience is that when it was over the ocean it moved upwards further into the night sky and visibility became less and less at one point. It seemed as though it was dimming its lights and there were no clouds above us at the time.

I don’t know quite how to say this but I woke up with a triangle tattoo-like shape on my foot last week. My children and friends are amazed by this. The scary part for me is that I had what I believed to be a nightmare the night before. In my dream I conversed with this grey, big eyes no hair on the brows ,but it seemed to have expressions on its face as we spoke. It was very vivid, scary to look in its eyes — I really avoided looking at the eyes, but I was not totally afraid at this point. In my dream we spoke but not moving our mouths. It’s as though it knew what I was about to ask. Before finishing my first question which was “Are you responsible for the first triangle on my arm in New Zealand?” he nodded yes and then I asked if they were also responsible for the second on my temple when I lived with my family in Melbourne. He then gave a little grin without moving his mouth. He looked at me and said “You know why we are here.’ His brows then looked as though he was a little annoyed and then said that I was very hard to track down and I don’t recall anything after these last words spoken. I woke my husband with my screams and shouting in the middle of the night, screaming “am I home am I back here now?” The scariest part was waking up with a small triangular shape on my foot.

I never thought this stuff was true and I have always been open minded about these things it is part of our culture as I am from South America. Up until September last year I had never really seen a UFO myself until now.
In the last weeks there have been reports of strange explosions in the Coomera-Canungra areas out in the bush. Locals, police, army, fire brigade and airports were asked and it still remains a mystery as to what the explosions were.


Coomera, Queensland, Australia


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