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Coombabah, Gold Coast, March 2007, 8.30pm

Coombabah, Gold Coast, March 2007, 8.30pm

It was the last week of March 2007 at approximately 8:30pm – I can’t remember the exact day. It was very windy and overcast and I was returning home after my routine nightly walk with my daughter [3yrs] in the pram. My daughter said ‘look at the pretty lights.’ I looked up and saw a large circle with cylinders beneath it all the way around. It was twirling and humming and appeared faint to me, but my daughter kept saying ‘what’s that noise?’ It was white and bluish in colour and was extremely large – the size of a field or small oval. This object appeared to be travelling at the same speed as me about ten metres above the roof tops. It was on an angle and the cylinders appeared 3D and it was transparent. It appeared to be following me so I stopped walking, and it also stopped and hovered. I then literally walked backwards and it again followed, then another object the same in appearance but much smaller came up behind it and followed. We were frightened at this point and I was thinking ‘this is how people must disappear.’ I walked towards my home and it was following but always a little ahead of me. I came to a roundabout and it hovered over it and waited for me to take direction. At this point I noticed the smaller version was gone. As soon as I came to my house it was directly over my roof like it knew where I lived. I was too scared to go inside so I stood there and just looked at it. My daughter and I were in amazement – it was too unbelievable, especially the size of it. Finally I went inside and turned on all the lights, inside and out, and when I came out it was gone. I sent a text to my sister telling her what I saw because I was truly worried something was going to happen to us. I haven’t told anyone else because it’s just too insane. I still can’t believe it myself. I can’t stop thinking about it so I starting researching on the net but I haven’t come across anyone reporting the same thing. The other strange thing is that night I never saw a single person out there. I felt like we were the only people awake. It was very surreal.


Gold Coast, Coombabah, Queensland, Australia


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