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Cooloola Cove, Monday August 20 2007, 5.20am

Cooloola Cove, Monday August 20 2007, 5.20am

I live at Cooloola Cove, which is situated between Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. I travel to work at Gympie (west bound) which is approximately 60 kilometres and about a 45 minute drive from home. I leave home for work at approximately 5.00am each morning. On Monday 20 August 2007 at approximately 5:20am, I was travelling along Tin Can Bay road going over the Goochon Creek Bridge just before the Toolara State Forest Barracks, which is approximately a two kilometre straight road between pine forests on either side of the road, and just before the Laminex Company.

I was three quarters along the stretch of road doing 100 kmh (the speed limit) when I noticed in the rear-view mirror a single bright white light back at the Toolara Forest Barracks, of what seemed to me to be a motorcycle travelling at high speed. As I was approaching the bend which has a single white line (no overtaking on my side) I noticed that the white light (or motorcycle) was right at the back of my Toyota Hilux ute (tail gating, and I noticed that light was not vibrating as it would if it were a motorcycle). The light seemed to hover, at which point I thought to myself, this fellow must be doing over 300 kmh because he was at least one and a half kilometres behind me and within a few seconds he was right on my tail. I had to adjust myself in my driving seat because the light was reflecting so brightly in my side and rear-view mirror. I was approaching a bend in the road and a logging truck was approaching in the opposite direction. Then the light, which I thought was a motorcycle, appeared to be going to overtake, at which I thought “you’re bloody mad”! At this point the bright light was in my side mirror, in which I noticed it went straight up into the sky, and I thought to myself that this bloke was a “bloody idiot” as I imagined he was doing a wheel stand as he was going past me. That is when I noticed that nobody went past me and the light went straight up into the air and the truck went flying past me without any trouble.

On the way home that afternoon I half expected to see a high powered motorcycle and its rider stuck 30 feet up in a pine tree. I never saw anything and there were no skid marks. I came home and told my wife about my story and she went on to tell me that it was not a motorbike but something quite spooky is going on in our part of the world. There is a military army base “Camp Kerr” which is parallel to the road on which I travel. My wife and I have dubbed it the Tin Tin Light after the Min Min Light.


Cooloola Cove, Queensland, Australia


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