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Coolgardie-Kalgoorlie, November 1 2008, 4.00am

Coolgardie-Kalgoorlie, November 1 2008, 4.00am

G and I were driving north towards Kalgoorlie when we saw a bright yellow light in the sky travelling below plane height. It descended to just above tree top height. We thought at first it was a shooting star, but it then began moving from one side of the road to the opposite side. This light went from one to two lights constantly almost like it was spinning.

We began to speed up to see what the light was. It was blinding us like someone was highbeaming us. At this point we got some video footage. We reached the speed of 140km and still weren’t catching. Somehow it knew we were chasing it. We caught up to a truck that signalled for us overtake. The truck knew something was there. The truck then swerved from side to side then off the road on to the gravel.

We then continued after Coolgardie where we saw the light again. We began chase again and reached speeds of over 160km. The radio turned off. There looked like tornado in front of the light but the trees did not show any sign of there being wind around. Dust was created like a field of protection. The dust was at least four metres high and was stationary as if something was hovering. We were shocked and brought the car to a halt, scared to continue. We continued to see the light until the last lookout before Kalgoorlie.


Coolgardie, Western Australia, Australia


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