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Coolangatta, September 9 2006

Coolangatta, September 9 2006

I took a series of photos on Saturday September 9 2006 from the northern end of the runway at Coolangatta Airport at approximately 1.10pm. I didn’t notice anything unusual until I later viewed the photos and found a black object in the background appearing to be moving at very high speed. The camera is a digital SLR and was operating on bracketing mode when it took this series of shots in very short succession. The object is visible in the last three of the photos, moving west to east with a very high rate of climb. The only aircraft I know that could likely be in that area with that sort of performance would be an RAAF F-111. However on inspection the object appears more disc shaped and doesn’t seem to be leaving the usual exhaust trail quite often seen with RAAF jets.


Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


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