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Coolangatta, 1 January 2012, evening

Coolangatta, 1 January 2012, evening

On New Years Day, 01/01/2012, while the fireworks were happening, there were two bright orange ‘lights’ that flew over the fireworks at Coolangatta. They were a bright uniform orange, no flickering or flashing at all. They flew one after the other, about a minute apart, on exactly the same flight path, in an arc from the S – SE, then back out to sea to the NE. Their elevation would have been around 500m, but gradually descending as they approached the fireworks, and ascending afterwards as they headed out to sea. The first passed over while the fireworks were still going, the second around 30 seconds after they had ended. These fireworks were approximately 1.5km from my house, which is on the beach at Bilinga. I grabbed the binoculars for a closer look, but could not get any sort of focus on them, and they are decent binoculars. Also the objects didn’t make any sound that I could hear (after the fireworks). I would estimate their speed to be over 100km an hour. Also, they weren’t moving around like something in the wind would, and there was only a light breeze that night. Total time sighted would have been 2-3 minutes.

Since this happened I have been researching sightings, and it seems there are a lot of this nature. Before this happened I had never heard of anything like it, I’d only heard of flashing lights and white lights and such. Since these happenings I’ve been watching the sky a lot closer. This is to do with contrails (or chemtrails). I noticed a trail stretching across the sky, south to north, and noticed the plane. This seemed normal, as Brisbane is to the north. Over two hours later the trail was still there, but much thicker, like a big long cloud. This is when I noticed two short parallel trails, going west to east. Over the next hour or so over a half dozen more appeared, all going west to east, but short and streaky, and I didn’t see any planes.

I have seen many other things at night, all of which have been explainable (to me at least). I once had the entire sky light up green for a few seconds (meteor); saw a funny light that seemed to be shaking, getting brighter (helicopter coming straight at me at speed with its search light on); a lighter shape against the hills (helicopter with no lights on, was wondering what it was, then heard it); funny shapes flitting around the buildings on the beach front (flocks of seagulls); funny dark V-shaped objects (migrating geese or similar); a funny orange/red light near the horizon (Venus rising through scattered clouds). Also many strange looking shooting stars. As you can see I am very observant, and like to solve things. Everything has an explanation. These few experiences recently have really got me wondering.


Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


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