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Conondale Valley, late 1970s

Conondale Valley, late 1970s

In the late 1970s, my wife and myself were living in a concrete block shed at the end of a road in the Conondale Valley. Our nearest neighbour was about three kilometres away. We were woken in the early hours of the morning by a blinding white light filling the inside of the building. The stable doors were closed at the time and the shed only had small windows. We were very frightened but we went out to investigate. About 30 metres uphill from the shed and about 15 metres above the ground were two lights about three metres high pulsing from orange to green. I asked my wife to hand me the binoculars, which she did. I could make out the underside of a craft. The craft moved off slowly up the valley. My neighbours on the other side of the valley had also experienced the white lights inside their building about 12 months prior to this.


Conondale Valley, Queensland, Australia


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