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Connondale June 26 2005, 10.22pm

Connondale June 26 2005, 10.22pm

On Sunday 26-06-2005 I was supposed to be going to a paranormal/UFO meeting but due to unforseen circumstances it had been cancelled, so I decided to visit my research partner at Connondale. When I left her house it was 2222hrs, and I decided to take the short cut home down Adherns Rd/Postmans Track. I had just gone over a small wooden bridge and looked over my right shoulder to see a red light that was flashing. At first I thought it was a tower with a flashing light but after driving for a kilometre I realised that it was actually following me. I know the area as it was the same road where crop circles were discovered last year. I wound down the window to see if it was a reflection [it wasn’t] and kept driving and felt quite nervous but not really scared. So I tried communicating with it and said telepathically to it, ‘hello.’ As I did this it sped up and was now moving directly level with the car about 100-200metres away and about two or three metres off the ground directly right of the car. The area it was moving over was flat grazing land with a creek and tree line approximately 200-300m away from the road. I kept driving deciding what to do — all I could think of is that I need to tell my friend so she could come and see too. I stopped the car and then the light stopped too, so I hung a u-turn and drove off, watching the light change directions as it kept following me. I went back over the spooky little troll bridge, kept driving and then lost sight of the light [orb?]. As I turned out of Adherns road I glanced back and saw a big yellow light towards the old crop circle patch but didn’t stop. Unfortunately we did not make it back to see if the red light was still there. This has been a very eventful new millennium for me.


Conondale, Queensland, Australia


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