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Colac, Victoria, October 12 2008, 5.00am

Colac, Victoria, October 12 2008, 5.00am

On Sunday 12th October at 5.00am near Colac, Victoria I saw a thing in the sky while getting in the cows to milk. I first thought it was a flare but it was not red, it was white with a blue tinge. It had a rear burning blue sparky flame. It was well below the height of a fast flying plane. It was going in a straight horizontal north to south direction. It was very fast and I watched it fly a long distance at a fast pace for about six seconds then it disappeared. When I returned to the dairy I mentioned it to my husband and he said that he saw it also, but as we discussed it we realised that the one he saw would have been behind me so there were two. The one my husband saw lit up the area, made two flashes like a camera would and was flying low at about 30-40 feet. It did not have the sparkey rear flame. There is a line of trees and he would not have seen the one I saw, and the one he saw would have been behind me. There was no sound at all. My husband described his as a pale blue or cornflour blue. They were an elongated shape. There was no way it was a piece of burning space junk or a rocket as they were flying straight with no arch. So what were they??? The morning was clear, we could see stars and no cloud but it was very black.


Colac, Victoria, Australia


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