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Bowen close encounter

Bowen close encounter

Driving home from town one night (We lived rural just out of Bowen) my partner says to me, have a look at this light, out to our left. I was driving but did manage to see it. Next minute, actually like instantly, this light was a lot closer to us, maybe 100 meters off, and was just staying at pace to us as we traveled along the long straight rural road we were on. It was following us, checking us out, it now had our attention, we lived on an old mango farm and at the end of the straight road we had to turn right, and the house was on the left. I was able to drive in the driveway one end and out the other end which put me back on the road to head back into town. We were a little worried at this stage. This thing had parked behind a large mango tree right at the corner. I stopped the car at this stage because to get back to town meant I had to drive straight towards this thing and would pass within 10-15 meters of it. I remember thinking – should i go inside and get my gun? I didnt do that, probably would have been too scared to get out of the car. Anyway, we did drive straight toward this thing, turned left, and straight back into town.  I vaguely remember it ended up on the left hand side of the car again and left us at enormous speed. This thing made no noise at all, it had no flashing lights on it at all and was way too fast to be anything known to me. It looked just like a fluro light, thats all. It was oval in shape, but a flat oval, and wasnt much bigger than the mango tree it was sitting behind. In fact, i would say it was about the same size or just under in length. If I wasn’t with someone at the time that saw the same thing as me, I wouldnt believe it myself. I also remember seeing in the news the next day, or maybe it was a couple of days after this happened, that there was a bus load of people travelling across the Nullarbor who saw a ufo, and their description sounded like the one we saw. This all happened maybe 30 years ago now.  I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff in 30 years, but this is one of those things you dont forget


Bowen QLD Australia


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