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Cloncurry (far west Qld), August 9 2009

Cloncurry (far west Qld), August 9 2009

I would like to make a report on a light that has been in the sky since the 9 August 2009 North West of Cloncurry.

The night 9 August, a light of flashing red and green lights was on the horizon, below the stars. It dropped vertically down very suddenly and stopped, and still the lights were flashing. It was very clear. It was doing a north-south east-west movement, for a time of about one minute in which it appeared to be like two lights together going around each other. Myself and a friend were watching it, from a house in Cloncurry and kept watching it till 3.30 am. The light slowly moved to the left vertically upwards. Every half an hour it would move further vertically and stop for half an hour.
Each night it appeared further away from where we watching. It always appeared in the same area every night but further away.

I phoned the weather station in Mount Isa and they were not able to pinpoint what it was. They suggested it may be a light from the mines or an army activity. The lights we saw were very clear and bright on the first night. Every night it has appeared doing the same configurations, but further away.

On the 25th of August, myself and three witnesses saw the light moving to the left from a motel in Cloncurry. Steady but slow, and on a horizontal position on the horizon.


Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia


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