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Cleveland, Monday July 30 2001, 5.40pm

Cleveland, Monday July 30 2001, 5.40pm

This evening Monday 30 July 2001, at approx 5.40pm while travelling north on Bloomfield St Cleveland, my mother and I saw what was to us an unexplainable occurrence. My mother is 75 and I am 43 years old, and not prone to seeing things, I’d like to be sure that what we saw can be logically explained by someone in your organisation.

We both saw a very bright circular light travelling extremely fast from about the south-east direction and travelling towards the north west. This is very general, direction wise. However, I caught sight of it [I was driving] in my peripheral vision [my right eye] and the light came across the sky to be about the top centre of my windscreen. My mother and I both exclaimed ‘Look at that!’ I thought initially it was a meteor, due to the speed of the object, but the object did not travel towards the earth as I would expect a meteor to do. Nor have I ever seen an aircraft travel so rapidly across the sky. Next the light stopped. Appeared to intensify for a split second, and seemed to shoot upwards before it, amazingly, just vanished. I now knew it couldn’t be a meteor.

I hope you do not think we made this up, as the rest of our family think we saw an aircraft, but to me, no aircraft I’ve seen can travel that fast, stop dead still, and then vanish by turning off its navigational or landing lights.


Cleveland, Queensland, Australia


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