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Cleveland, Monday December 5 2005, 9.15am

Cleveland, Monday December 5 2005, 9.15am

I have been searching for other reports of this and I can’t believe there are none, and a bit disappointed too! Today [December 5, 2005] I attended a swimming carnival at Cleveland Pool, near Brisbane. When we arrived, at 9:15am, I noticed a very bright object high in the sky to the east, probably over Moreton Bay, in the direction of Wellington Point. I pointed it out to several others and we noticed it wasn’t moving much but sort of drifting. So we thought it might be a balloon but it was very high up and it was more of a triangular shape than balloon shaped. I watched it for about 30 minutes and then saw two tiny [from my distance away] white objects seemingly come out of the larger object and move away at a fast, regular pace at an approximately 45 degree angle to the ground – they disappeared behind the tree-line. [I was pretty much freaking by now, by the way!] About 20 minutes later, another similar object climbed into the sky from about 50 degrees to the original. They moved very close together, almost touching, then circled each other, – one went left, the other right, one up, the other down. They didn’t appear to be moving very fast at this time. After about another 20 minutes, the second object slowly descended on the same trajectory and disappeared behind the tree-line. The original object stayed up in the air for another 30 minutes or so and then began to slowly descend, almost straight down. It was lost to view at about 11:00am. I have several impartial witnesses but I believe that a lot of people wouldn’t have seen it because the sky was so bright [very very hot day] but we were on a hill and I had Polaroids on. I’d love to hear if anyone else saw it!


Cleveland, OH, United States


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