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Cleveland, July 28 2012, 6.40pm

Cleveland, July 28 2012, 6.40pm

I was outside last night at 6.40pm when I noticed a pink/orange light in the north-east travelling slowly south-west. It was moving slowly and emitting no noise. As I watched it a further two pink/orange lights rose up behind the first object, following it. My mother and I (and our dog) watched the three balls of light travel slowly in a triangular formation for about five minutes, trying to work out what we were looking at. The lead ball looked like it could have been the headlight of a very large plane and the two rear lights could have been on the wings of said very large plane, such was their uniformity of motion as they moved. But if there was any plane there, it would have been about 25 times the size of a normal plane and invisible. Mum got bored and went inside and I ducked in to get my camera however, when I returned to the backyard a minute later, there was no sight of them.

I have a big sky where I live, on a hill near the bay, so I really don’t see how they could have disappeared so fast. There was light cloud so perhaps they disappeared into it, otherwise, judging by the speed they were travelling and their course, I should have still been able to have seen them. There have been no reports of this sighting from anyone else which dismays me given the time. I asked at the local newsagency if anyone had mentioned UFOs today and the shopkeeper looked at me like I was mad. At least my mother can confirm I was not seeing things.


Cleveland, Queensland, Australia


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