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Clermont, Qld, 5 June 2010, 6.00am

Clermont, Qld, 5 June 2010, 6.00am

At about 6.00am, Saturday morning 5th day of June 2010, I saw a weird light in the eastern sky. It was travelling very slowly, and looked to be about 200 meters above the trees. This was on a mine site in central Queensland. There were no flashing lights as on planes or choppers. It had several lights on it, the main light was on the front and seemed to be pointing downwards. The object was slightly covered by fog or cloud, but the morning was crystal clear with no cloud or fog. The object slowly turned away from me and faded and totally disappeared from sight. Several people saw the same light — maybe some one else saw this also.

[Editor’s note: As this sighting took place at the same time a mysterious spiral light was observed over the Australian east coast, the witness was asked if televised film footage of the spiral light matched the object he saw over Central Queensland. His response follows:]

I saw the spiral light on TV but it looked different — the one I saw looked more like a machine of sorts. It would only have been a kilometre away from us. It seemed so slow, but I probably only watched it for a minute or so before it veered away and disappeared. The one on TV looked a long way away. Also some friends in north Queensland on a remote cattle property saw something similar on the Saturday morning, low to the trees, about 6.45am.


Clermont, Queensland, Australia


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