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Chuwar, Friday February 11 2000, 3.40am

Chuwar, Friday February 11 2000, 3.40am

A man living near College’s Crossing reported that a gigantic light with quivering colours, coming from the east lit up the sky, his back yard and bathed the whole house in white light. He was able to note the exact time as 3.41.46 am. He described the object as a big, fat, long thing which lasted for several seconds, got smaller and disappeared to the E. It was first seen at an angle of elevation of about 40 degrees and last at 20 degrees. It passed overhead slightly to his N. Its colours were brilliant but not steady – shaking or quivering. The object was round at the front and elongated. After 2 to 3 minutes he heard a loud sound like a sonic boom. [Ed. – A preliminary interpretation of this sighting is that this object might have been a meteorite passing 20-40km above in the atmosphere.]


Chuwar, Queensland, Australia


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