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Carseldine, December 23 2008, 7.00pm

Carseldine, December 23 2008, 7.00pm

On the 23rd of December at about 7:00pm we were driving from the airport back to my house, which is in Carseldine. I saw a big bright ball of light, with mist around it. At first I thought it was a plane’s headlight coming into land, but realised that when we stopped at the traffic lights it wasn’t moving, just staying in the one spot. I watched it all the way home, and when I got home I got my partner to come and have a look too. It kind of looked as though there was a searchlight moving inside the mist from side to side. We had been watching for maybe 40 minutes when the light started to get smaller, as if it was moving away from us. It got smaller and smaller, to a point where if we looked straight at it we couldn’t really see it, but if we looked to the side we could! We then noticed that the light was kind of swinging from side to side, and the mist that was around it looked as if it was moving. The light also moved up and then down again, quite quickly. The light then got hazier and hazier until it looked like a faint misty patch in the sky, and it would fade out completely, then come back again, starting as a small dot then getting hazy again. Also, when it had faded away for the first time, we saw a bright flash in the sky just above where we had last seen it. Very weird, I have reported this sighting and am going to watch out again at the same time tomorrow night, just to make sure it’s not a celestial object! Did anyone else see anything?


Carseldine, Queensland, Australia


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