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Carlingford [NSW], 1978 [reported July 2005]

Carlingford [NSW], 1978 [reported July 2005]

I found your address in our local booklet today and would like to tell you my experience although it happened some 27 years ago. We were on a holiday in Sydney, staying with my sister in Carlingford maybe in 1978. In the middle of the night our room was filled with orange light coming from outside and next thing there was this definite winding sound that started happening. My husband and I froze; we couldn’t lift the curtains and look outside although we wanted to. It seemed it lasted a few minutes. Then silence. After a few days there was an article in the papers that a lot of people also heard and saw the UFO. Of course the army or military made all sorts of excuses that they were doing some training etc.


Carlingford, New South Wales, Australia


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