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Carindale, September 9 2008, 6.45pm

Carindale, September 9 2008, 6.45pm

I’d like to know if anyone else reported a UFO sighting over the Carindale/Carina area at about 6.45pm last night? The object appeared at about 45 degrees in the sky southeast of the Carindale Shopping Centre. I first sighted it with a friend as a bright gold colour a bit like a bright star. At first I thought it was a plane although it didn’t have any flashing lights. As soon as I commented to my friend that I thought it was a UFO if slowly moved to the east the same level and then faded. I figured if it was a satellite I could keep tracking it as it was a very clear night. It definitely wasn’t a falling star either. Very interesting!


Carindale, Queensland, Australia


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