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Carindale, September 18 2006, 6.25pm

Carindale, September 18 2006, 6.25pm

Did anyone else in Brisbane see the pair of lights pass across our sky at about 6.25pm on 18/9/06? The lead light appeared about the size of Venus and the second about star-size to the naked eye. They travelled from the northeast heading southeast. The trailing light remained the same distance from the lead light for the whole time that I observed them, which was approximately 90 seconds. The luminescence of the lights did not vary at any time from the change in angle from overhead to over the horizon. The lights did not flash or change colour but remained a bright yellow throughout the observation. They were not a plane [as known] nor a meteorite. I live beneath the BAC flight paths and have observed enough of either to know the difference. Flight paths this evening has been for takeoffs to the south. I was not able to approximate their altitude but my guess would be they were in the jet stream or stratospheric level. I was struck by two qualities of the lights: that they remained the same distance apart the whole time and that there was no change in luminescence from the change in angle of view as they passed across the sky.


Carindale, Queensland, Australia


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