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Carina, Thursday May 14 2009, 2.15pm

Carina, Thursday May 14 2009, 2.15pm

At about 2.15 pm yesterday Thursday 14th May, I noticed a Virgin aircraft travelling south from the north, standing up on its left wing before straightening up to the approach to the southern end of the airport. I thought that was a bit odd, so I looked again. Away up above, and a little behind to the northwest, was what appeared to be a glider and a very bright silver colour that seemed odd, so I watched it intently and could see that it was a little different in shape and was looping about at the same height. Then I realized a glider would not be allowed to be in the approach to the airport. I ran up the stairs to get my camera, but before I went inside the house, I stopped for another look. The object was nowhere to be seen. I assessed it to be about a kilometre up, and maybe somewhere near the Bulimba reaches of the Brisbane River. I also felt that the Virgin plane must have flown under it. How could it have completely disappeared in 3 seconds in a cloudless sky without falling out of the sky?


Carina, Queensland, Australia


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