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Carina, Sunday August 5 2007, 8.57pm

Carina, Sunday August 5 2007, 8.57pm

I saw two lights last night [Sunday August 5] that appeared to be UFOs. Looking slightly north-northwest from Carina North at 8.57pm, approximately above the Brisbane River, I saw a bright light travelling slightly northeast by east at about the speed of a plane and slowly decreasing in speed and curving away to the northeast. That took less than a minute and suddenly the light went out completely. There was no noise whatsoever and the colour of the light resembled a car headlight. I could not see any shape of a craft around the light. The altitude was a little more than the approach height that landing planes use in that locality to the Brisbane Airport.

I ran to a window looking north in the middle of the episode, and waited there until about 9.07pm, and another light seemingly exactly the same came into view from the west-northwest. It seemed to travel the same path at the same decreasing speed, until it appeared to completely stop about another kilometre further to the northeast with its light still shining. A plane took off from the airport to the southwest and then the strange light shut down also. I had watched it for nearly two minutes. Another plane took off from the airport in a couple of minutes and went out to the south-east by east.


Carina, Queensland, Australia


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