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Carina, December 24 2004, 11.00am

Carina, December 24 2004, 11.00am

I was sitting on my front stairs at Carina north and facing west, waiting for the Meals on Wheels car to arrive. It was 11.00am, and an F1-11 jet came in low from the southwest, travelling towards the Brisbane Airport. About 11.05am, over the west, there appeared a thin vertical column of slivers of white smoke, streaming upwards over where I judged the suburb of Clayfield to be. I gauged the height of the column to be under 25,000 feet. It came down slowly in a near quarter circle clockwise arc, and at the same time coming closer to me. After a few seconds I observed there was a mid-blue, ball-shaped object at the bottom of the column, streaming white slivers of something thicker than smoke, with intermittent spurts of blue and yellow colour in its exhaust. A cloud, almost the shape of a duck, at about 10,000 feet high, was travelling from the north-east, and the blue object met with the leading edge of the cloud and seemed to go into the cloud completely. All that took at least five minutes, and then at 11.15 the Meals on Wheels car arrived, but there was no UFO to show them. It did not reappear from the cloud.


Carina, Queensland, Australia


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