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Cape York, April 2007, Cattle Mutilation

Cape York, April 2007, Cattle Mutilation

In early April, 2007 a man had travelled to the Cape York Peninsula area looking for aircraft parts left over from WW2. He’d been scouting around the Lakeland Downs, Kowanyama and Hopevale Mission areas with some friends when he came across a large bull and two calves that were laying on the ground dead. Their cheeks had been cut away, their eyes had been cut out, parts of their ears, testicles, and stomach bag were missing, the top of a rear leg, and the backside was also removed. In various places the hair of the animals had also been peeled back.

All the observable cuts had been done with something cauterising the wounds somehow that had left no traces of blood anywhere. Although flies were buzzing around the carcasses it seemed that decay had not yet set in. He thought that either the wounds had only recently occurred or the decaying process had been delayed somehow. On inspection, the area around the animals was not disturbed and he could find no sign of a struggle nor any footprints in the area. The man had spent 24 years in the army being stationed in Cambodia, Namibia, Timor and Phnom Pen, witnessing many types of wounds caused to flesh by all manner of weapons, but at no time had he ever seen any wounds that matched those inflicted on these animals. Added to this, he felt extremely uneasy and apprehensive being near the animals, as if something didn’t “feel right”.

Later the witness visited the Cape York Hotel and was informed by locals that the aboriginal population in that region knew about the animal mutilations, not just performed on cattle but on kangaroos as well. The aboriginal people believed they were caused by the “spirit men” who walked among them. Consequently there are areas in the region that the aboriginal people will not travel near or through.

The witness also met a sheep shearer who told him the story of a similar occurrence around 1948 to 1950. During this time the Vestey Meat Company ran cattle in the area. Reports had been made to the company that 50 to 60 of their cattle stock had been found dead in the same area. Personnel had been sent to investigate and these investigators found the cattle had similar wounds inflicted on them by unknown causes.


Cape York, Queensland, Australia


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