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Canungra 2005, reported October 2009

Canungra 2005, reported October 2009

This report maybe a little old but it’s worth a mention.
I have been an avid believer in UFOs since I was a radar operator in the R.A.N from 1965 to 1974 and I operated the most sophisticated radars available to the Australian Navy at that time onboard the Guided Missile Destroyer HMAS Perth.
During this time I and many other radar operators on my watch used to track UFOs, and watch them perform incredible manoeuvres in the sky. When we reported them to our officer of the watch he would say ‘well what the f— can we do about them’!!!!

My story is as follows:- My wife was working in the front yard garden of our farm at Canungra on a beautiful February morning 10.15am in 2005. She asked me to take a photo of a little green frog balancing precariously on a large elephant ear leaf, so I grabbed my Canon SLR and continued to do so. After I had finished I said that I would walk around the side of the house and see if that green snake (was to want of a better word) hanging around. As I was proceeding something caught my eye in the sky, and to my amazement I was witnessing an incredible sight. These fantastic balls of white light were dancing around in the sky and then, to my astonishment, they would all join up together forming one large fuzzy blob with a red tinge around them, and then break apart forming (what my description is) a string of pearls, but not attached, then would fly apart again as if playing tag with one another.

This was when I realised I had my camera. I managed to peel off three photos walking towards them when they formed up altogether again, and a cloud enveloped them and unfortunately they all disappeared. That’s the way it happened. I rang the Beaudesert Times to see if anybody else had reported anything, and after I had the pictures developed I contacted The Beaudesert Times again and they sent out a cub reporter “Lisa Owen.” She put my story into the Beaudesert Times on Wednesday March 9th 2005.


Canungra, Queensland, Australia


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