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Canberra, Saturday August 5 2006, 10.30pm

Canberra, Saturday August 5 2006, 10.30pm

On Saturday 5/08/06 at 2230 hours in Canberra I noticed something in the sky as I was driving. There were four round balls [is the only way I can explain them] that were lit up, moving around quite slowly, and I really do not know how far away they were or how fast they were travelling. When I first noticed them they were in a straight, horizontal line one under the other, then one ball of light [an amber-yellowish colour] went behind another and slowly came back into view. It was as though they were hovering in the sky. We stopped and got out of the car to have a better look. There were already approximately ten or so cars that had also pulled over on the side of the road, and the people in them had got out of their cars and were looking up at these strange balls of light. I asked one guy in the car next to us ‘what do you think they are?’, but he had no idea.

I had my mobile phone on me so I took a video recording of these strange balls of light, although later when I replayed the video I was disappointed, as there was nothing much that had come out clearly so you couldn’t really see anything except the moon. But if you go frame by frame it is quite exciting. I really wish I had pulled over when I first saw these lights – four of them were one on top of the other – it would have been even more spectacular. You could actually see more lights around the light itself. [The witness was able to email the footage to UFORQ but unfortunately the image size is too small for clear details to be discerned – PP] The amber coloured balls of light moved slowly away from each other and went up into space, getting smaller and smaller to our eyes until we could no longer see them. No one could explain them. They certainly were not planes, helicopters, laser lights or air balloons. Really weird, strange!! I have other people I know that were not with me that particular night who saw these four amber coloured lights in the sky as well on the same night.

On the Monday I spoke to a woman that works in my office and told her what we had seen. She said that her husband and a couple of friends were outside and they also saw those amber coloured balls in the sky. We all had no idea what they were and had never seen anything like this before. On Tuesday I called the Mt Stromlo Observatory and asked had they had any calls regarding what I had seen on Saturday night. They said that they hadn’t as they look further out at planets, but told me to contact the Melbourne Air Traffic Control and speak to them, which I haven’t as yet.


Canberra Drive, Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia


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