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Canberra, ACT, August 10 2004, 10:50pm

Canberra, ACT, August 10 2004, 10:50pm

I would like to advise that both I and my father-in-law witnessed a fast-moving orange light last night. It appeared to be travelling SW to NE. There were no strobe lights as you would expect to see with an aircraft. About one minute before it went out of view we noticed a an aircraft which appeared to be banking towards Canberra Airport, and which seemed to be, at one point, quite close to the moving orange light. The banking of the aircraft appeared to sharpen at that point, however the orange light did not deviate from its path, before it disappeared out of view in the distance. It is definitely a mystery to me and my father-in-law. I have attempted to find other sightings re this event but have found nothing. [Editors note: UFORNSW has been following this sighting up.]


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


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