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Canberra, ACT, 20 July 2007, 10.30pm

Canberra, ACT, 20 July 2007, 10.30pm

I wish to state up-front that before tonight I have had little to no interest in the topic of UFOs. On my way back to my car after work, I turned my head skyward briefly. The night was a little cloudy but some stars were visible above me. I focused on one of the fainter stars and a shooting star happened to fly past. This did not amaze me much as I recall seeing what really was a shooting star just a few nights earlier outside my house. What did amaze me is that this object, while appearing to have the same relative speed of a shooting star, continued to remain in view without the characteristic fadeout of a shooting star. This suggested to me that the object was in the upper atmosphere, possibly higher.

My amazement ended and astonishment began when a second shooting star-like object tailed, accelerated, and caught up to the original object. The second object moved in on the first object and produced the trajectory of a side-facing parabola, something like stunt pilots would execute. The first object then circled around at a very high speed in a wide arc, but only completed about ninety percent of the circular turn.

As I was focusing on the sudden – and frankly mind boggling – acrobatics of the first object, I lost sight of the second. The first object disappeared in its incomplete turn. The whole experience felt like about ten seconds all up. I have no idea what I saw, but I can tell you it was no shooting star.

Yes Canberra has an airport in the vicinity of my eastward vantage, but this event was right above me and these objects were extremely high. No way it was the air force, balloons etc, and I don’t know much about satellites or space stations, but I would guess they don’t move like that. I also discounted the possibility of my tired condition resulting in eye floaters, simply because these were bright objects. To test this, after I arrived home I tried staring at dark surfaces, but my eyes were not producing any bright artefacts. The objects in question were just dots but the way they moved! The trajectory crossover and turn did not seem natural. This has certainly messed up my scepticism.


Canberra Drive, Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia


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