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Camoweal, May 26 1998, 12.15am

Camoweal, May 26 1998, 12.15am

A man driving from Camoweal to Mt Isa was followed for four hours from about 12.15 am to daybreak, by unusual lights in the sky. The lights were part of an object with a defined shape, and seemed to be enveloped in a misty haze. It was visible for the entire duration, stayed to the right of the man’s vehicle even when he negotiated bends, and came really close at times. The object was 50 to 100 m long and came within 200 meters. It had a big light on its bottom. He was not inclined to stop his car until he pulled into a service station outside Mt Isa. At the service station the attendant told him that “it happens all the time”.


Camooweal, Queensland, Australia


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