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Caloundra, April 3 2012, 6.15pm

Caloundra, April 3 2012, 6.15pm

I live in Golden Beach Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. I have never reported a UFO before, but I am not a sceptic either, as in the past I have seen some odd occurrences in the skies when I used to do Security down at Beaudesert.

Anyway, on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 in the afternoon around 6.15pm I walked out the front of my house to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. I noticed a light plane coming from the north (I live just behind the Caloundra Airport). It was travelling north to south with its navigation lights on. I thought it was going to land at the airport so I continued watching. As I looked to the south I noticed a rather large and VERY bright light coming from the south in the opposite direction to the plane. At first I thought it may have been a helicopter with landing lights on, but it was travelling rather slow and by my estimate at maybe 3 -4,000 feet in altitude. The plane to my estimate was under 1000 feet. The plane then made a steep right hand turn towards the runway then did another turn left then right. My initial thoughts were that he was inexperienced with night flying or wasn’t sure of the runway. But he eventually turned towards the highway and looked like he was heading for Caboolture Airport.

Meanwhile the light I was also watching at the same time was still heading in a northerly direction. Unfortunately my home phone rang and I ran inside to answer it. When I returned back outside (no more than 30-40 seconds) the bright light (which by the way made no noise that I could hear) had turned to the northeast and was heading out toward the ocean. I suppose this is where I was more convinced I had seen a UFO because the light I had seen coming toward me, if it was a landing light from an aircraft, was still bright. I watched it for at least another minute, still bright and moving away, then all of a sudden the light began to turn yellow as if it either took off really fast or died out. But it gave me the impression it had moved away fast, as the light not only got yellow but smaller, and eventually I lost sight of it as it disappeared.


Caloundra, Queensland, Australia


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