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Calamvale, February 2003, evening

Calamvale, February 2003, evening

In February this year [it was the night they played ET on free to air TV here in Brisbane actually, that’s why I remember it – the irony] as for the exact date..? My husband and I were out in the backyard when I looked up to the south and saw what looked like a plane on fire. I nudged my husband and we both watched it slowly cross the sky from east to west, travelling like a plane and at the same speed and height as a plane. I looked to the north, towards Brisbane airport, and saw a plane coming south, looked back to the ‘ fireball’ and was assured that they were not the same things, the fireball being three times bigger. We yelled to the neighbours who also watched it disappear, then reappear then disappear over and over until it was out of sight. The eerie part was that there was no noise, like a plane. And that’s it!


Calamvale, Queensland, Australia


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