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Cairns, August 24 2009, 7.00pm

Cairns, August 24 2009, 7.00pm

We live in Cairns North Queensland, and at about 7.00pm on Monday 24th August 2009, my husband and I were sitting eating dinner with our family when the phone rang. It was our neighbour, who told us to quickly go outside and have a look up in the sky. My husband ran out and then yelled back at us all to come and see.

What I witnessed as well as about ten others in the neighbourhood were six star-like lights in the sky that were bigger and brighter than Venus. They appeared in a pattern like that of a hexagon, and my father stated that he thought it might be the Southern Cross. At the very moment he said this they moved and changed formation to then appear as two lines of three objects each.

Over a period of approximately 25 to 30 minutes, we watched each of these objects continue to change formation, moving sometimes with extreme speed and then other times slower, but at the same time faster than any aircraft we have ever seen. No noise was emitted from these objects. Most of the time they moved in pairs but as a team of six. One appeared to be a little lighter and at one point this object appeared to move up to the top object and almost merge. They also appeared too far into the atmosphere to be an aircraft or space junk, simply because they looked as though they were putting on a show for us. We called the Air force, the Navy, the police and the local airport to see if there was anything unusual occurring at this time, and were told there was nothing on radar. We are at a loss to be sure about what these six lights that seemed to mimic stars actually were, and wonder has anyone else seen such an event recently.


Cairns, Queensland, Australia


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