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Cairns, August 16 2008, 9.00pm

Cairns, August 16 2008, 9.00pm

I just wanted to run something by you. Last night at around 9:00pm I was having a cigarette outside. I was looking at the stars when I saw an awesome shooting star. I have recently bought a video camera and decided to see if I could pick up stars and what not on the camera. Anyway, during my testing of this I started filming the moon. I saw a faint light streak past the right hand side of the moon. Pretty sure I just caught a shooting star. I stopped filming and went inside to check the footage. Now, what I wanted to run by you is while checking the footage, about 2-3 seconds before the shooting star there is something going right to left just below the moon, going at a speed way beyond the shooting star. That’s why I didn’t see it at first. You can’t distinguish the object and of course it’s blurry. But it was going so damn fast you wouldn’t get a clear picture anyway. What do you think.


Cairns, Queensland, Australia


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